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Welcome to Dreamdecipher Productions. Dreamdecipher Productions is a company divided into three main fields - graphic design, audio and video.

With years of experience from the industry we are able to cover all the needed areas around a release of your band/company or brand. 

DD Productions can be involved in the whole release cycle starting from the pre-production phase all the way to the final mixing stages. We create a promotion/marketing kit for you, targeted for all the social media outlets. Complete print ready artwork for any release (Cd, Vinyl, DVD, merchandise). Due to the digitalization it is a very saturated market, there´s so much music out there and it´s not easy to be found or to be memorable and that´s where music videos have taken a huge part of today’s music industry. Bands are releasing more videos/album than ever before. Dreamdecipher Productions covers that area as well providing videos for any purpose it being either performance music videos or animated lyric videos.

Music Videos

Music Videos

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